Tips & Tricks

Get the most out of your mani with our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

1 . Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Clip and file nails - but not too short! A little length will made filing off the excess wrap easier. After a few days of wear you can trim and file you nails with the wraps still on. This also helps to refresh your manicure by removing any wear on the tip of your nails. 

3. Do not buff the surface of your nails. This is unnecessary and may cause the wrap adhesive to stick too strongly and cause damage during removal. 

4. Push back cuticles. Never apply the wraps on top of your cuticles, they will peel off. 

5. Cleanse surface of nails with an alcohol wipe to remove any oils. Oils will interfere with the ability of the wraps to properly adhere and create a long-lasting bond. 

  • 1. Pick

    Choose a size just slightly smaller than your nail.

  • 2. Peel

    Peel from backing paper taking care to touch the adhesive as little as possible.

  • 3. Place

    Place on your nail, smooth out, and fold over edge of nail, pressing firmly.

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  • 4. File

    File off the excess in a straight downward motion.

  • 5. Press

    Press firmly a second time to fully adhere every square millimeter of that art.

  • 6. Top

    Optional: apply a quality, slow-drying top coat. See more info on this below. 

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Step 3: Remove

When you are ready to change it up remove your wraps slowly and carefully. We recommend starting on the cuticle end of each wrap. Begin with your smallest nail and work up to your thumb. As you peel the stickers off apply a little nail polish remover to the edges with a q-tip or cotton ball to help dissolve the adhesive. After removal wash your hands and apply a lotion and cuticle oil to keep your nails happy and healthy.

The Stick/Sleep/Coat Method

At Modgloss we use this tried-and-true method to acheive the longest, most durable wear.

Step 1: Stick. Apply your wraps right before bed. Try to keep your hands/nails dry.

Step 2: Sleep. The wraps will to fully adhear to your nails overnight.

Step 3: Coat. In the morning apply a layer of high-quality top coat.

Stpe 4: Refresh. Your wraps will start to show wear at the tips of your nails, so after a few days  refresh your manicure by trimming, filling, and re-applying the top coat. 

To top coat or not to top coat?

You can certainly skip the top coat and have a designer manicure in minutes, but a good top coat will prolong the life of your manicure and give you the feel of glossy nail polish. If you opt for the top we have some tips:
Choose a quality, slow-drying top coat. We love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Opi clear coat
• You don’t have to stick with gloss - matte and glitter top coats look great too! 
Quick-dry top coats can make the wraps brittle and increase the chance that they will chip like traditional polish.
• Our favorite strategy to prolong wear is to brush on a layer of top coat, then after a few days refresh your manicure by trimming, filling, and re-applying the top coat.

  • Get two applications out of one set!

    If you have very short nails you may be able to use scissors to cut your wraps in half down the middle (while still on the backing paper) and use them twice! You can also save unused wraps to mix with other color sets or use as a layer or accent nail. 

  • Modify wrap shape for the perfect fit.

    Have a nail bed that’s a little wonky? Nobody is symmetrical. Use a small pair of scissors to shave off a bit of the wrap to create a customized fit. Modgloss wraps are also just a bit stretchy and can be manipulated a bit to fit. Pick a size slightly smaller than your nail and stretch it during application to create the perfect fit. 

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