Canopy Cruise

Leafy stems bloom across mismatched green, black, and orange backdrops for the ultimate foliage fusion.

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It's A Vibe

Featuring wavy arcs of color, this retro rainbow nail art is vibrating with prismatic pigment.

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Mint To Be

Reminiscent of warm seas and fresh gardens, scallops bloom from the base of the nail in this modern take on the classic french manicure.

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Sonoran Escape

Reminiscent of the terracotta hues of sandstone, abstract red and pink accents wave and stack across a transparent backdrop.

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My Main Squeeze

Finished off with dainty white polka dots, this fruity fusion can be mixed and matched for your own unique flavor

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Secret Garden

Grab your sunhat because our SECRET GARDEN nail wrap kit is the ultimate escape. Dotted with dainty sections of green, pink, and yellow polka dots, leafy green tulips bloom across a transparent backdrop, creating a garden at your fingertips.

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Love Your Curves

Abstract yet playful, a colorfully mismatched pattern of circular patterns spins into elliptical elegance atop the fingernail. The complimentary hues of red, blue, lavender, and white flawlessly blend into a modern masterpiece atop your fingernails.

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Miami Waves

Artsy with a hint of attitude, this modern nail art features teal and mustard squiggly lines atop a clear backdrop, allowing the natural shade of your nail to show through.

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